green retail

We are part of SANNAS, a collective for the promotion of the triple balance that puts together a different type of socially responsible companies and friendly with the environment. In supernormal we adopt this ideology and we apply it to how we project.
For súpernormal, the «Green Retail» goes beyond a trend, it is social innovation, it is our way of renewing ourselves and what we do to add more value to the brands which we work with. It is also our response to a global need. A consume society that is beginning to be aware of the products that it buys, how they are produced and the spaces where it acquires them, in a few words, a society that is starting to look after the environment where it lives.
How do we do it? We innovate in the use of materials trying to minimize their impact on the planet and to maximize the longevity of their life cycle. We investigate which solutions are the most suitable to increase energy efficiency and minimize the electrical consumption of installed equipment. We´ve got a network of local partners that share our way of understanding projects.
Today the transformation is continuous and it happens very fast. More than ever we need a change of mentality, in which the execution of projects is not only about great ideas. We believe that the commercial spaces and the shopping experience should be something else. Working with brands and their points of sale has such a great impact on society and the planet that doing so in a responsible and conscious way is our way of building a better tomorrow and being part of that transformation.