We are súpernormal, an independent architecture and design agency focused in social innovation, which aims to make creativity and sustainable development so desirable that they become normal. We offer simple solutions to complex problems, based on common sense. We develop retail, contract, residential and workspace projects and we create unforgettable experiences with great social impact and a minimum impact on the environments around them.
In súpernormal, over the years, we have discovered that the most satisfying projects come from people who have great aspirations. It can be intimidating for customers to break the rule and travel beyond the limits, but we are here to support, encourage and create new challenges.
We believe that brand experiences must be recognizable from every touchpoint and from every interaction with the consumer. We know how to offer tangible environments that fit, coherently and responsibly, to the needs of our customers. A good experience starts with a good story, and in súpernormal, we have the tenacity and the creative guts to offer design solutions that make people stop, look, listen and be conscious.
In súpernormal, we start from a commitment acquired with ourselves, with our environment and with the people who inhabit it. This commitment is based on to be aware of everything we do, to think about the things that surround us. This compromise that we have acquired is an invitation to internal reflection and self-criticism. It is, therefore,as far as possible, to be aware of what we do.